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Kids' Camp is a very fun place for your kids to enjoy their day while you

shop locally. Each child will need to be signed in and out from Kids' Camp on our sign in sheet. All kids included in the program will receive a wristband to show that they are a part of the Kids' Camp program. All children who are part of the program have their food included and designated snack times. We have many fun organized activities for kids including

If you wouldn’t like for your kids to participate in Kids Camp, or you would simply just like to spend time with your children, we have other activities, which include:

● Bounce House

● Face Painting​


Fenced-in playground (Away from Road) including the following activities:

  • Swings

  • Slide

  • Jungle Gym/Spider Climb

  • Merry-Go-Round

  • See-Saws

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